Empyrean Massage “Expect a touch from Heaven”
“The doctor of the future will not give medicine but will interest his patient in the care of the human form, in diet, and in the cause of disease.”         -Thomas Edison
“I bring a unique connection between heaven and earth. My hands are led by knowledge and Spiritual intuition.” - Sandy Pond
Your freedom is our goal at Body and Soul
Raindrop Therapy with Essential Oils is $90.00 for a one hour session           Warm Stones without massage $60.00 per hour  Stretch or Chair Stretch session, private for beginners, $30.00 per hour Pain or Scar treatment $20. base rate plus $1. per minute Cranial Release Technique $20. Bio-Mat session with Infra-Red heat $20. Polarity session one hour $60. Posturology Assessment $60. per hour session
“Although you will feel better when you leave, I want you to be better. My approach begins at the Cause of your dis-ease. It is only here that true change can occur and a shift to freedom takes place.” - Sandy Pond
Aromatherapy and the weight, texture and temperature of Warm Stones are included with all massages free of charge.
Costs: All Massages are $60.00 per hour                              $90.00 per hour and a half Empyrean Massage is Sandy’s signature massage technique which includes an eclectic combination of massage modalities. Sandy is also trained in all the following modalities from which you can choose independently: CRT (Cranial Release Therapy) MPS/pain management Scar Release Therapy Swedish Deep Tissue Warm Stone Polarity Therapy Reiki Aromatherapy Raindrop Therapy Lymph Drainage Occupational Massage Geriatric Massage Healing Touch Prayer
Empyrean (Em pe rēan): 1. The highest heaven. The abode of God and the angels. Anciently conceived as a region of pure fire. 2. The firmament. Cosmic space.  adjective