Cabot, Vermont
Your freedom is our goal at Body and Soul
Events Calendar
Pottery Classes   are forming !          Great gift idea!!! “Out of the Earth into Your Hands”    Beginner to Advanced  Handbuilding  Wheel Throwing  Sculpture  Portriture A intimate space with 3 wheels and room for 4 to 5  handbuilding.   Private and group lessons. Come for 1 class or for a Special Semminar Great Parent  child/ or family evening together. Production Pottery 12 session  for serious production potters If you  want to learn the technical information about clay, glazes, and firing. Classes are available at different times during the day and evening.
3087 Main Street
Yoga and Movement  Classes Forming The space is bright and beautiful, wonderful early morning light! If you are a teacher your welcome to teach, if you are a beginner or advanced   there will be a session for you . I have been teaching Restoritive in Fl to 90 year olds, so come and bring your experience.  I am also working with toning, Continuum, and meditation. Its a great space for Cabot so lets make it happen. Art Classes  Would love to gather any Figure drawing interest, have a model ready to go. Other mediums like water color or Acrylic…plenty of room to gather and  spend some time. Creative Conversation Aging to Saging Workshops.
Massage, Movement and Expression